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Who Am I?

Kim Wilson.  A Powerlifter with a passion for strength.  I have a big belief and interest on the psychological effects of training, and the Mental Health benefits of it.  I am very open about my Mental Health battles and this is what helps me dig deeper when it comes to my lifters, because everything starts in the mind.  

This is my 5th year of being a coach, and my second year of providing my coaching services at the amazing Elysium Edinburgh.  I have been a part of the gym since we opened, and I am very proud to be a part of the fantastic facility and community.

I have recently started Athena Group Coaching, which is a great way for aspiring lifters to get their programming and coaching in the form of Group Sessions.  I found this to be a fantastic way of being able to coach more lifters, and help more people on a larger scale, it’s also an amazing thing when you realise what you built has now become a full blown community of strong lifters all looking out for one another.

Do you want to become the strongest version of yourself both physically and mentally?

Or do you want to take it a step further and compete in Powerlifting?

Athena Army is the place for you.

Get in touch.


Under 63kg 1st Place



Under 63kg 3rd Place

Classics 2018


Under 72kg

Easterns 2019


Kim Wilson

Powerlifting/Strength Training
Powerlifting Competition Preparation
Body Composition
Biomechanical Analysis